julio 2015

New Instagram

[ENG] Drakum is going hipster! We are now on Instagram too. Put on your thick-framed glasses and follow us! [SPA] ¡Drakum se vuelve hipster! Ahora... Read More
julio 2015

Trollmin cover

[English] We had previously reported that next 10th of September we will publish a new EP which will be entitled «Trollmin«, that it’s a concept... Read More
julio 2015

Release date

[Eng] The official release date of our next EP «Trollmin» will be on September 10. [Spa] La fecha oficial de lanzamiento de nuestro próximo EP... Read More
julio 2015
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New EP: Trollmin

[English] Today we have more news about our next work. It will be an EP entitled «Trollmin». It’s a concept album about the story of... Read More
julio 2015
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Hot news!

[English] We have some good news for you! We are working on a new recording on which we’ll be giving you more information in the... Read More
julio 2015
Urashima // Urashima (single) | 2019
  1. Urashima // Urashima (single) | 2019
  2. Introll // Drakum - Trollmin
  3. Wall of Deadly Trolls // Drakum - Trollmin
  4. Around the Oak // Drakum - Around the Oak (single) | 2014
  5. Magic Potion of the Evil Jester // Trollmin | 2015
  6. Troll Recipe // Drakum - Trollmin
  7. Outroll // Drakum - Trollmin