New single released

We have released “Around the Oak”, the first single for our forthcoming album “Torches Will Rise Again”. The single includes the album version and a remix by Beatmap with and old 8-bit videogames sound. It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, and of couse our official Bandcamp page.

Back from MetalDays!

Hi folks! We have just arrived from our trip to Slovenia. The festival was amazing and we enjoyed a lot our show with all that crowd singing, dancing and having fun with us! We are still thrilled! We can’t find enough words to thank you for all your support up and down the stage! Hope to see you soon again!


Back from Croatia

Hello folkers! At the end, after 36 hour without sleeping, a very long Saturday trying to find a solution to organize a concert after Underwall Festival cancelation and let some bands to play after losing a lot of money to go there in Zadar… finally Drakum could play with other bands as Capillary (thanks a lot for changing us the slot time), The Hate Colony, Tanelorn, the great Tankard… and we have no words… Croatian metalheads are crazy!! Dancing, drinking, headbanging…. and you know… that is good!! You are fu***ng awesome \m/

We hope to enjoy again in the future your great support. It’s a pity what happened with Underwall Festival but at least we could share a lot of incredible moments with you. Now…we need to rest, sleep and trying to think a bit about all what we have lived there in Zadar these crazy and brutal days.

To finish… we want to give a lot of thanks to all you guys that were yesterday night supporting us, to Eirik for his great help, to all the bands with we shared stage and all the bands we could enjoy on Thursday and Friday. Special thanks to our brothers Celtibeerian for all the moments shared. Also to Andreas… you are awesome and keep on folkin’, brother. Thanks to all the people we have met these days as Rubelj, Bruno, Saša, Nikola, the bus driver…etc etc etc. Thanks to all you for your great support and as we always say….

Keep on folkin’ brothers and sisters \m/


Drakum + Ravenblood in Salou

As is already getting good weather, we are going to celebrate to the Gold Coast! Next saturday 24th May we’ll be playing along with our brothers Ravenblood in Sala Garage, Salou. Metal music, mead and next to the beach, what more can you ask for?

garage 2014